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Gerry’s Guides was created by Matt Gerry and is the home of the Retro Revival series and the best retro video guides available anywhere online. If you’re tired of getting your information from a bunch of random Let’s Play videos then this is the right channel for you. We take your favorite old games and make the video guides that they deserve. Breaking each segment of the game down into easily digestible videos, getting you the information you need in a lot less time.

Email: bigivio@gerrysguides.com

Website: www.gerrysguides.com

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  1. Hi Matt, I love your guide and your website. Thank you so much for doing this. I have a humble suggestion for your YouTube: The video content seems to be random HM64 scenes while you explain verbally the topic of discussion. I think it would be more helpful if the visual content matched what you were explaining. I watched the video on the “hidden menu” and never saw a screenshot of the hidden menu; I had to come here to find it.

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