Getting 100% On Harvest Moon 64’s Hidden Farm Completion Menu

Getting 100% On Harvest Moon 64’s Hidden Farm Completion Menu

Today we’re going to uncover the requirements to get 100% completion on Harvest Moon 64’s hidden farm completion menu. We’ll first go over how to unlock the menu and then go over the requirements to get see that sweet perfect 100%!

Unlocking The Hidden Menu:

Japanese Farm Completion Menu
Japanese Farm Completion Menu
English Farm Completion Menu
English Farm Completion Menu

In the Japanese version of Harvest Moon 64 this menu always existed, no codes needed. However in the US release the menu was scrapped from the game! What????!!!!! Luckily  KhalaHM on GameFAQs forum discovered it existed and created gameshark codes to unlock the hidden (and fully translated) menu. If you’re using an emulator however, you can use my ROM hack that enables the menu to be accessible from the get go. No game shark codes needed! Special thanks to Zoinkity from Assembler games for helpin me create the ROM hack!

Gameshark Cheat:

To use the gameshark cheat you will first need to enter the following code:

D1170404 0020
801D62BD 0002

Invisible Menu Item
Invisible Menu Item

Then you will have to start the game,  go to the file selection menu, hover your cursor over the “Delete” button and press the L Button. Press down on the control stick and you should now see your cursor hovering over a hidden menu item. Click the A button and the farm completion menu will present itself! Yea!!

The ROM Hack:

If you are emulating and you’d prefer to just use my ROM hack, you can download it here: ROM Hack DL

You now will no longer need the gameshark cheat you will just need to move your cursor to the invisible menu item below the “Move” menu item on the file selection page.

How To Get 100% On The Farm Completion Menu:

To get 100% on the farm completion menu you need to do the following:

  1. All Bachelor and Bachelorette affections must be at their maximum (255 is max)
  2. Child’s Affection at 255
  3. Horse and Dog’s Affection at 255
  4. Have 8 barn animals with their affection at 255
  5. Own 6 chickens
  6. Ship 99,999 Crops
  7. Ship 9,999 Eggs
  8. Ship 9,999 Milk Bottles
  9. Ship 999 Fish
  10. Have 999,999G (Gold/Money)
  11. Collected all 10 Red Power Nuts (The blue power nut does not count)
  12. Collect all 16 photos
  13. Collect all 35 recipes
  14. Have all 6 home extensions
  15. Have all 480 squares of outdoor farmland be grass
  16. Have player happiness at 255
  17. DO NOT USE GAMESHARK CHEATS (Byte flips for special events will not occur correctly, in turn making your percentage completion inaccurate)

That’s it! It took me ~100 hours to reach 100% completion, but I love Harvest Moon 64 so I had a blast doin it.

If you don’t know what I mean by affection and happiness in the requirements above, here are a couple videos I made to explain what they are:

Farm Completion Glitches:

It should be noted that there are several significant glitches for the farm completion menu. They are the following:

  1. 100% completion is actually 99% completion. Due to a float truncation error that occurs when the game tries to add everything up, the farm completion menu displays a completion percentage of 99% rather than 100%, but rest assured 99% definitely equates to 100% completion.
  2. The farm completion menu occasionally stops calculating… I don’t know why for sure. This occurred for me only when I was utilizing gameshark codes to test out completion percentages. So yet another reason not to use gameshark codes to achieve this feat.
  3. The farm completion menu will stop calculating if you have two farms with identical names. So don’t copy you file to other available slots or name another files farm the same as your current file. You’ll be sad and there’s no fixing it after you’ve done it.

The End:

That’s it for this post! Be sure to check back in the future for more!

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