How To Defeat The Bull And Get The Ball Of Poo (Conker’s Bad Fur Day 100% Walkthrough)

How To Defeat The Bull And Get The Ball Of Poo:  

Ball Of Poo Conkers Bad Fur DayDefeating the bull and unlocking the ball of poo is key to unlocking several worlds in Conker’s Bad Fur Day so this is easily one of the most important tasks you’ll run into in this game. It’s also not a super intuitive mission either like many Conker’s Bad Fur Day missions.

Entering The Pooey World:  

Panther King Scene Conkers Bad Fur DayUp near the entrance to the Barn Boys world is an alternative path to a pooey mess of a place. When you enter this area you’ll notice a shack directly in front of you. Enter into that shack and you’ll be greeted by a cutscene featuring the Panther King and Professor Von Kripplespac. During the scene they’ll come to the conclusion that the only solution to The Panther King’s table issue is to place a red squirrel where the now missing table leg once was… not a great solution in my opinion, but we’ll have to trust the professor on this one I guess. After that cutscene is over you’ll move into another cutscene with a dung beetle who offers you a way to get some poo.

Traversing The Poo Sewer:

Poo Sewers Conkers Bad Fur DayAfter the cutscenes end, go to the trap door in the right corner of the dung beetles hut and press the B button to turn into the anchor and break open the doors. You’ll fall into the sewers below where you’ll have to traverse the ropes to the open door in the top left corner of the room. When you reach the door, go through it and you’ll be greeted by the one and only bull.

Turning On The Prune Juice:

Prune Juice Faucet Conkers Bad Fur DayAfter exiting the sewers you will run into a cutscene with the bull. It turns out he hates anything that is red and wellllll… Conker is a red squirrel sooooo… Anyway, take an immediate left and head up the rooftops, make sure to avoid the rolling balls of poo coming down them, to get to the giant faucet. Once on top of the faucet spin the faucet by running in a circle clockwise on it. Eventually you’ll open the faucet and be greeted with another cutscene, showing you that the prune juice is now flowing to the trough below and that a target is now protruding from the wall.

The Battle With The Bull:

Cow Pooping Conkers Bad Fur DayNow you’ve gotta know what to do with that huge protruding target right??? No?? Really?? Well I suppose you’re in the right place then. If you haven’t already, jump down off the roof of the building and back into the grassy area with the bull. Use Conker to lure the bull into that giant target. When the bull successfully hits the target you’ll view yet another scene, this time a sassy female cow will be released from its pin and go to graze on some grass. A large target will also pop up from the ground. You will now need to lure the bull into that large target, doing so will get the bull stuck allowing for Conker to hop on his back and take him for a ride. When you’ve gotten on the back of the bull use the B button to charge into the cow grazing on grass. Hitting the cow will trigger yet another scene where the cow will run up to the trough full of prune juice and begin drinking it. After slammin down some prune her butt hole will be burnin and she’ll run over to the grate in the center of the field and start throwin down some poo into the sewers below. After that cutscene ends, use the bull to run into the cow one more time. This time the bull will kill the cow, sending her flying into a ton of pieces across the yard. You will need to repeat this process two more times. Lure the bull to hit the giant protruding target (releasing the next cow), lure the bull to hit the bigger wall target so you can jump on its back, use the bull to ram into the cow (you will have to hit the second cow twice before she runs for the prune juice and the third cow three times), wait for the cow to drink the prune juice and run to the grate and finally run into the cow one more time with the bull to kill it. After the third cow is dead, the bull will accidentally break open that sewer grate the cows were dumpin thick streams into and fall into the sewers below and drown.

Gettin Some Well Earned Cash And That Elusive Ball Of Poo:

Conkers Bad Fur Day Bull CashJump into the sewer where the bull just fell down into. The sewers will now be full of the poo the cows produced and you’ll be able to wade through it. Jump through the hole in the wall and head over to the context sensitive B Button in the nook in the wall in the adjacent room. When you press B on the button, Conker will read a manual that will give him confidence, which in turn allows him to swim. After gaining your new swimming ability, press B to submerge yourself in the watery poo and make your way back to the entrance you originally came from when traversing the ropes. Once you make it near the entrance you will be able to emerge from the poo to grab a the wad of cash you probably noticed hollering at you at the very start of this mission. Grab that bad boy and then re-submerge into the poo. Proceed forward through it and then swim up to get back into the Dung Beetles cabin. Exit the cabin and the beetle will greet you with a giant ball of poo.

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