How To Get May’s Potato Pancake Recipe (Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough)

How To Get May’s Potato Pancake Recipe: 

It’s a surprise to me that young May even knows how to cook. Then again we can’t test out this recipe (or any of the others), so maybe she really can’t… Anyyyyywayyyyyy let’s figure out the requirements to get this recipe below:

  1. You’ll need to have a grown a potato, potatoes grow in the Spring (unless you have a green house) and take 6 days to grow.
  2. This must be the first gift/item you give to May during that day.
  3. You must have spoken to May at least once since starting your game.

After you’ve grown a potato, go hand that bad boy over to May! You can find her in the church every Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm for school, on Saturdays you’ll find her outside Gaea’s (the midwife) house from 9am-3pm and on Sundays you’ll find her outside the carpenters house or in the town square from 9am-3pm.

When you give May the potato she’ll give you her potato pancake recipe!

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