How To Unlock The Barn Boys World (Conker’s Bad Fur Day 100% Walkthrough)

How To Unlock The Barn Boys World:

We’ve gotta hurry up and unlock this world so that Jack can get that fat bitch off his back!! So let’s hurry guys before he’s crushed under her weight!

Birdy And The Slingshot:

Unlock Barn Boys World Conkers Bad Fur DayBefore you start this mission, you must have completed the Saving Mrs. Bee’s Hive Mission cause your gonna need some cashhhhhhhh. Once you’ve done that head down the “Nice” path, go past Mrs. Bee’s hive and across the bridge. After you cross the bridge there will be a cutscene with some beetles that are contemplating kicking your ass. After it’s over continue up the path to the context sensitive B button on the ground. When you get on top of the context sensitive button a cutscene will begin with none other than Birdy the scarecrow. He’s gonna offer to teach you a new move, but you’re gonna need $10 to get a hold of it (don’t worry it’s only temporary, the money will return to you at the end of the cutscene). When the cutscene ends press B on the context sensitive button. Doing so will allow Conker to use a slingshot. Use this Sling Shot Conkers Bad Fur Daynew found slingshot to kill all four of the beetles on the hill to your left. You’ll need to hit each beetle twice to kill them. When the beetles have all been wiped out, yet another cutscene will happen showing the, once locked, door to the barn boys world is now open. With the beetles gone, head up the hill and make your way into the, now unlocked, Barn Boy’s World!!

Post Walkthrough Stuff:

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