How The Hidden Villager Affection Mechanic Works In Harvest Moon 64

Understanding Villager Affection:

In Harvest Moon 64 there is an extremely important underlying affection system for your villagers, pet and farm animals (aside from chickens), however for the most part it is hidden. The only real indication of the villager affection system at work is the different color hearts you see with each bachelorette. The higher her affection the different color the heart.

The exact same thing happens with every other villager, your dog, your horse and your cows and/or sheep. The more you interact with them the higher their affection rating toward you. The max affection for everything in the game is 255 and the starting affection is always 0.

Increasing Villager Affection ::

To increase a villager’s affection toward you, you can do the following:

  1. Give them gifts. Any edible item or flower gifted to a villager will increase their affection toward you (there are few exceptions to this rule. My player’s guide goes extremely in depth on this subject for each villager).
  2. Talk to them. Each time you talk to them their affection will increase. The very first time you talk to them you will get a bonus affection boost.
  3. Interact with them in scene’s. In certain scene’s you will have the ability to gain affection with a villager.

Increasing Your Dog’s Affection:

  1. Feed him every day! If you don’t feed him you will lose 1 affection point each day until his affection reaches 0.
  2. Pick him up every day. This increases his affection by one point.
  3. Whistle to him every day to gain another one point affection increase.

Increasing Your Horse’s Affection:

  1. Brush it. Each day you brush your horse you gain 2 affection
  2. Talk to it (Young) or ride it (Grown) and you will gain another affection point
  3. Whistling to it once per day increases its affection one point.

Increasing Your Barn Animal’s Affection:

Due to massively broken mechanics this is actually extremely complicated. Just know that brushing, talking to your barn animals and milking or shearing them all push their affection totals up. If you want more in depth info, check out the guide I wrote.

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