How to Get Maria’s Firefly Night Picture (Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough)

How To Get Maria’s Firefly Night Picture:  Maria - Harvest Moon 64     Maria's Firefly Night Picture - Harvest Moon 64

Maria’s the town librarian and one of the four eligible bachelorette’s in Harvest Moon 64. Your relationship with her in the game is also crucial to getting one of the 16 pictures for your picture album! Getting Maria’s Firefly Night pictures isn’t all that difficult, but making sure you get the timing right to ensure you get this picture and the coveted Party Picture is where things get realllllly tricky. Let’s take a look at the requirements to get this picture as well as the timing necessary to get this picture and the Party Picture.


  1. It must be a day during the Summer
  2. It must be between the hours of 6pm-12am.
  3. You must be on your farm.
  4. Maria can not be married.
  5. You can not be married.
  6. You must have 200+ affection points with Maria.
  7. To get the Party Picture as well you must get this picture prior to the 4th week of summer in the second year of the game.

If you meet at least the first six criteria listed above Maria will show up on your farm and ask you if you’d like to go to Moon Mountain with her.

If you say yes and go with her to Moon Mountain, you will view a nice scene, your day will end, you will gain +10 affection points with Maria and you will receive the Firefly Night picture in the mail the next morning.

If you say no and don’t accompany Maria to Moon Mountain, you will lose 2 affection points with her and you will forfeit the Firefly Night picture. You will never have the opportunity to get the picture again. So maybe just say yes…?

And that’s all there is to it! If you’ve never heard of affection in Harvest Moon 64 before don’t fret! I have a whole video over how it works here! I also go over it quite a bit in the video linked above.

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