How To Open The Bat’s Tower World (Conker’s Bad Fur Day 100% Walkthrough)

How To Open The Bat’s Tower World:

This is a quick little walkthrough to open up yet another world in Conker’s Bad Fur Day. So let’s get to it and open this bad boy up so we can get even more cash!

Getting Rid Of The First Clang Gobling:

Bats Tower Lake Conkers Bad Fur DayBefore you can even start this mission you’re going to need to have defeated the bull and received the ball of poo from the dung beetle. After you’ve done that, push the ball of poo over to a ledge to the right of the poo tower that overlooks a small lake/pond. Push the ball of poo off the ledge and it will fall on top of a clang gobling below rendering him harmless.

Drowing The Second And Third Clang Goblings:

Clang Gobling Drowning Conker's Bad Fur DayAfter you’ve pushed the poo ball off the ledge and on to the clang gobling below, jump off the ledge and enter into the small alcove that the clang gobling you pushed the poo ball on top of was guarding.  You’ll see a large button behind the gobling. Jump on top of that button and press the B button to turn Conker into an anchor and smash the button into the ground. Doing this will cause a whirlpool to open and the clang goblings that were guarding the water to be sucked down the whirlpool and out of Conker’s way.

Entering The Bat’s Tower World:

Bats Tower Entrance Conkers Bad Fur DayNow that all three clang goblings have been disposed of, swim along the right hand side of the lake/pond and enter into the door that leads to the Bat’s Tower World. Make sure to avoid the center of the lake as you can be sucked into the whirlpool as well.

Post Walkthrough Junk:

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