How To Defeat The Great Mighty Poo (Conker’s Bad Fur Day 100% Walkthrough)

How To Defeat The Great Mighty Poo:

Have you ever dreamt of battling a gigantic pile of shit?? Doesn’t matter, that’s what we’re about to do today. So let’s figure out how to flush this claggy, sweet corn toothed poo monster down the drain.

Unlocking The Entrace To The Great Mighty Poo’s Lair:

Conkers Bad Fur Day Rolling Ball Of PooBefore you can start this mission you’ll need to have defeated the bull and received the ball of poo from the dung beetle. Once you’ve completed the mission, roll the ball of poo up the ramp that is behind the dung beetle hut and continue rolling it up the mountain side, avoiding the small flying dung beetles on the way up. Eventually you’ll reach an edge where you’ll drop the ball of poo (which Conker will fill with dynamite) onto a giant dung beetle, causing him to explode. This will now open up the path to the top of the dung beetle’s poo covered mountain. Now jump back down to bottom of the mountain and grab Conkers Bad Fur Day Rolling Ball Of Poo 2another ball of poo. This time we need to roll the ball of poo up a ramp in front of the dung beetle hut. Roll the ball of poo all the way to the top of the mountain and push it into a hole at the top. Doing so will cause the ball of poo to fall down to the entrance of the dung mountain and break open the door! Before we enter into the poo covered mountain though, make sure to grab the 100 dollars cash on the tip top of the mountain since we’re up here. Just do a high jump tail spin and you should be able to get up to the cash. OnConkers Bad Fur Day Poo Hill Cashce you’ve got the cash, make your way back down the hill and into the poo covered mountain. After entering in to the mountain you’ll be confronted by a dung beetle hurrying to get out of it. As it would turn out, he and his boys were hangin out inside the mountain when a giant poo monster killed both of his friends!

Raising The Great Mighty Poo:

Conkers Bad Fur Day Sweet CornAfter the beetle scene is over, run forward and another scene will start. A voice from the center of the room will ask you to, “Bring me some sweet corn”. Well I guess we better do it… Run up to the sweet corn in front of you, smack it with your frying pan and pick it up. Then run over to the small ledge on the right and another cutscene will happen where Conker will throw it into the center of the room. Repeat this process for all 5 other sweet corns you will find throughout the area, making sure to avoid the gigantic balls of poo falling from the ceiling as well as the giant poo hands that will try to crush you. After you’ve thrown all 6 sweet corn into the center of the room, the Great Mighty Poo will arise from the center and sing for you a delightful little tune, prior to tossing wads of shit at you, which is pretty rude considering you’ve just provided him with 6 sweet corns to use as his teeth…

Defeating The Great Mighty Poo:

Conkers Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty PooDefeating the great mighty poo is actually fairly simple. He’ll start hauling balls of shit at you non-stop until his part comes in on for the song currently playing in the background. While he’s hauling balls of shit, just run around in a large circle to avoid them. When he stops to sing, jump on the context sensitive B button and press B to pull out a roll of toilet paper. Throw that roll into the Mighty Poo’s mouth! Doing so will damage him and set off another scene. During the scene the Great Mighty Poo will throw a ball of poo over the context sensitive button  and move down to another area of the room. You’ll Conkers Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo Flusherhave to throw 5 more rolls of toilet paper into the great mighty poo’s mouth. Once you throw all 6 rolls into his mouth a giant piece of glass near the top of the room will shatter! Run up to where the glass just shattered and pull the cord you’ll find there to flush the Great Mighty Poo down the drain! After he flushes down the drain, make sure to grab the wad of cash up near the flush cord! Flushing the great mighty poo unlocks another world in Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but we’ll go over that in another post!

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