How To Get The Party Picture (Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough)

How To Get The Party Picture In Harvest Moon 64:    Harvest Moon 64 Dad  Harvest Moon 64 Party Picture

The party picture eluded Harvest Moon 64 enthusiasts for over a decade. We had no idea what was necessary to do or acquire to make sure this picture ended up in our photo album by Summer 1st Year 3. It’s time to put that mystery to rest! Below are the requirements for obtaining the party picture!

  1. Eat 6 (of the 10) red power nuts. The blue power nut does not count toward this total!
  2. Must have 250 happiness.
  3. Your dog’s affection must be 200 or higher.
  4. Must be married and have a child.
  5. Wife’s affection is 250 or higher.
  6. Combined affection between all villagers is 2,494 or higher.
  7. One non-starved adult chicken.
  8. Have all 6 home extensions.
  9. Have 80% of farmland be grass in any stage (384 squares of outdoor farmland).

And that’s it, go get that picture!! I know for a fact I never got this picture before because of the grass… I always planted tons of flowers and made a course for my horse in the farm land area using wood.

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