How To Restore The Vineyard (Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough)

How To Restore The Vineyard:    Grape Spirit   Kiefu Fairy

Restoring the vineyard in Harvest Moon 64 is easily the most complicated/difficult thing to do in the game. The requirements to do it are very vague and the characters involved in the actual restoration are ones that may not seem exceedingly important during a first run through the game. So it’s a good thing you’re reading this post! Below you’ll find the requirements for the Vineyard’s revival.

Step 1 – Befriending Duke (The Bartender) To Get The Heavenly Wine:   Duke The Bartender

Duke is the bartender in Harvest Moon 64. You can find him every night (aside from Sundays) from 6pm-12am behind the bar. You will need to get an affection of 40 with Duke to acquire some Heavenly Wine that your grandfather left for you. This wine was originally created by Karen’s grandmother and is your first step in the long path to restoring the vineyard. This must be completed within the first year or the event where Duke gives you the wine will never trigger!!!!

Step2 – Befriending The Harvest Sprites:  Harvest Sprite

After receiving the wine from Duke you’ll need to befriend the Harvest Sprites. You will need to have an affection of 50 or higher with Sprites. When you do, they will notice that you have the heavenly wine and suggest you go speak to the Harvest Goddess about the wine (you must speak to them twice on the same day they mention the heavenly wine to trigger the Harvest Goddess suggestion).

Step 3 – Speaking With The Harvest Goddess   Harvest Goddess

NOTE: Doing this step will end your day. Make sure to get all necessary tasks done for the day prior to doing it.

Once the Harvest Sprites have suggested you speak with the Harvest Goddess you will need to get an offering (an offering can be an egg or any crop you’ve grown on your farm) and head over to the Harvest Goddess pond on Moon Mountain to speak with her. Throw your offering into the Harvest Goddess pond and out will come the Goddess like normal. However, this time the only thing you can wish for is “Grape Spirit”.  Wishing for the “Grape Spirit” will take you into a cut scene at the Vineyard where you and the Goddess will speak to the tree in the back right corner of the vineyard and ask it to awaken from its sleep.

Step 4 – Befriending Karen (Optional)   Karen

NOTE: You cannot be married or you can’t trigger this steps event (either way the vineyard will be restored though)

This is an optional step, but one you REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON!!! This step is necessary to get Karen’s Picture (Dance Of The Kiefu Fairies). You will need to get Karen’s affection to 200 or higher prior to Fall 7th. If you can do that, she will come see you on your farm the evening of Fall 7th between the hours of 6pm-12am and ask you to come with her to see the Vineyard because it has been restored. Make sure to choose the response, “What?” and not the repsonse “I’m busy”. If you choose I’m busy you will not go to the vineyard with her and you will lose your ability to ever receive her photo. The following day you will receive Karen’s photo in the mail.

Step 5 – The Goddess’s Visit

On Fall 6th the Goddess will come to you in a dream and tell you that the Kiefu Fairies have returned to the Vineyard and that delicious grapes will be able to be harvested once again from the Vineyard!! Yea!!! You did it!!!

Step 6 – The Sweet Wine   Wine

On the morning of Winter 7th, either Karen or Kai (whoever has the highest affection) will come by your farm to give the new and improved sweet wine harvested from the vineyard. This scene will give your player a +10 happiness boost if Karen shows up and +3 happiness boost if Kai shows up.

Things That Unlock Post Vineyard Restoration:   Gourmet Judge        Tarou and Hanako (Red Head Couple)

After you restore the Vineyard two things unlock. The Gourmet Judge becomes a villager and can now be found occasionally at the cross roads and a scene with Tarou and Hanako the red head lovers will no be viewable next Fall. And that’s it!

If you want a more detailed breakdown on the Vineyard’s restoration and all the Happiness and Affection boosts gained throughout it then make sure to check out my 336 page Harvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide that I wrote here: Harvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide

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